DreamMail supervises electronic mail and RSS feeds conveniently and substantially with letter paper


Dreammail email client

DreamMail supervises electronic mail and RSS feeds conveniently and substantially with letter paper, marks and associated content search. Regrettably, International terminology back up is restricted, DreamMail's junk e-mail filter appears inefficient, and IMAP accounts are not endorsed.


  • DreamMail copes electronic mail accounts and RSS feeds with force and protection
  • You are able to practice and produce conciliatory content templates, and DreamMail goes with stationery, as well
  • DreamMail gets messages linked to a contact fleetly, and you are able to pin messages with flexibility


  • DreamMail induces fuss with linguistic process encryptions other than US-English and Chinese
  • You can't put together virtual folders to categorize email or allot free-form marks to contents
  • DreamMail doesn't back up IMAP accounts and misses efficient junk e-mail filtering


  • DreamMail allows you to approach more than one POP accounts and can gather news by RSS courses (feeds), as well.
  • You are able to classify or accomplish on email practicing filters. Uninvited email may be bumped off right by the host with a remote mailbox tool.
  • Templates in DreamMail may admit not just macros but background pictures and extra formatting as well.
  • DreamMail put up also consumes Windows supply of Mail stationery.
  • For heightened protection, DreamMail may exhibit whole email in apparent text alone.
  • DreamMail proposes various content explore and may get hold of whole email interchanged with a link fleetly.
  • You are able to flag contents with among thirteen customizable color tags.
  • DreamMail constructs it comfortable to accompaniment electronic mail information and can prompt you to do so on a regular basis.
  • DreamMail accompaniments Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista.

Brush up

DreamMail is a bite of everything: occasionally a bit more than a bite, and some of the times a bit too brief.

It seems like a compounding of Windows email and FoxMail, DreamMail smells conversant and welcoming immediately. You are able to approach more than one POP accounts on it, take RSS news flows and exercise the structured web browser to approach web-based accounts. Regrettably, DreamMail doesn't back up IMAP electronic mail accounts.

If you fancy Windows email stationery, you will value DreamMail's guides. Not only may you adjust default guides for fresh contents and answers (additional choices would be smashing) and apply macros to enclose the receiver's name or an master content's attachment list, these templates likewise conduct and seem as if actual stationery. DreamMail accompanies an telling compendium of decent blueprints. You will be able to consume Windows Mail letter paper too.

Unluckily, you can't type whichever stale character in those decently clad e-mails, whenever you consume anything but American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) or Simplified or Traditional Chinese. Additional references arbitrarily convert into a random composition of the latter in simple text e-mails. As very much like I adore Chinese cases, I regard my accent marks as well.

The junk e-mail filter admitted in DreamMail, unluckily, does just about zero except allowing black-and-white lists. DreamMail's several general filters are rather valuable, although, and you are able to apply a remote mailbox tool to scan and erase messages properly at the host.

Although DreamMail extends comprehensive search choices and may display you email associated to a sender in two mere clicks of the mouse, virtual folders are not the components of its email supervising toolset. To categorize contents, you are able to consume folders, naturally, or one of 13 customizable pins.

To banish the risks of electronic mails overly composite and ostentatious, DreamMail may reveal entire messages in simple text entirely. You can't have rich contents and block off remote figures, although.

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