Mozilla SeaMonkey

Mozilla isn't just a distinguished web browser but also a full featured and cogent electronic mail client

Mozilla SeaMonkey

Seamonkey email client

Mozilla isn't just a distinguished web browser but also a full featured and cogent electronic mail client. It comes up with eminent protection and secrecy, extremely efficient junk e-mail dribbling and is yet lenient and amusing to run through.


  • Mozilla SeaMonkey comes up with accurate junk e-mail filtering and allows you to form email with labels
  • Smart features and default options make Mozilla dependable and secrecy conscious
  • Mozilla offers up eminent back up for hypertext markup language (HTML) formatting and a cogent content editor as a whole


  • Mozilla SeaMonkey doesn't let in flying, index established explore
  • The Bayesian junk e-mail filter in Mozilla is resource thirsty and irksome
  • Mozilla can't filter outgoing email and misses advanced content templates


  • Mozilla copes more than one (multiple) POP and IMAP electronic mail accounts.
  • Mozilla backs up conciliatory dribbles and content labels to classify and form messages.
  • Search toolbar, boosted hunt and content views construct it comfortable to find email in Mozilla.
  • Mozilla's extremely efficient Bayesian junk e-mail dribbling strikes junk to a particular folder mechanically.
  • Eminent protection and secrecy: cookies, remote prototypes, JavaScript may be disabled, no recognized exploits.
  • Mozilla backs up TLS/SSL links and S/MIME or PGP/MIME (thru plug-in) content encoding.
  • Lavishly formatted hypertext markup language (HTML) contents can be displayed as entire HTML, uncomplicated HTML or apparent text.
  • Mozilla goes with eminent hypertext markup language (HTML) editing, only posting suitable plain text e-mails is comfortable, besides.
  • The in full boasted Mozilla address book accompaniments Palm synchronization and vCards.
  • Mozilla backs up Mac OS X, Linux and Windows 9x/ME/2000/3/XP/Vista.

Brush up

Possibly you have learned somewhere that Mozilla is not for end users. Do not consider it. It was never honest, and now it's to a lesser degree than ever. Acquiring, setting up and practicing Mozilla is a click, and there's such a great deal about it to delight that you will shortly ascertain to love Mozilla, the electronic mail client.

Mozilla is a fully boasted electronic mail platform with conciliatory dribbles, expert IMAP accompaniment, cogent exploring, solid hypertext markup language (HTML) and plain text back up, genuinely valuable free-form labels and aspects for prioritizing and coordinating email, S/MIME encoding and - believably first and foremost - a lot of cracking characteristics that assist in maintaining computer protection and personal secrecy.

You are able to turn off JavaScript and remote figures as well as cookies and yet relish a well-to-do electronic mail experience. That's as well thanks to eminent junk e-mail filtering. After just a little training, Mozilla's Bayesian junk e-mail dribble exercises marvels with really few fake positives. What Mozilla nevertheless misses is outgoing email dribbles and conciliatory content templates.

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