Eureka Email

Eureka Email

You can have fun and fresh email experience with Eureka. It has great spam filter and it is easy to use. Some features are missing or bit cumbersome as well.


This program has very good and fresh ideas. The mails can be kept clean in Eureka mail with the help of adaptive spam filters. The overall use of this program is simple.


There is support available for POP accounts only by Eureka Email and there is no HTML inline support.


Multiple email accounts can be managed by Eureka emails. The adaptive spam filter of Eureka can work very effectively in case you classify spam and it can work very well out of the box. The emails are displayed in icons and these icons are assigned to certain senders and groups. The similar messages from same sender, group or icon can be searched very easily with the help of Eureka. It provides support for groups of recipients and these groups can be built easily from existing files. It has support for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP.


Most of the email clients look same with certain exceptions but Eureka Emails is very good different features. The interface of Eureka is intuitive and it is easy to use. There is need of attention for some details for example addressing messages happen in roundabout way. There is no support for HTML emails. The message editor of Eureka can also become comfortable and powerful. The adaptive spam filter can be great plus for Eureka Email which can work very effectively out of the box. It can work with better performance if these filters are trained by moving emails to Junk tab.

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