Foxmail is a decent electronic mail client with bunches of eminent characteristics that cause e-mail comfortable and amusing


Foxmail email client

Foxmail is a decent electronic mail client with bunches of eminent characteristics that cause e-mail comfortable and amusing. Unluckily, it does not back up IMAP accounts and its content editor misses primary text (re-)arranging tools.


  • Foxmail comes in with dependable junk e-mail dribbling choices and backs electronic mail protection
  • Comfortable and amusing to apply, Foxmail as well accompaniments distinguished fresh email notification
  • Foxmail backs up hypertext markup language (HTML) and stationery


  • Foxmail misses backing for IMAP
  • Content editor cannot decently re-enclose text
  • Educating the Bayesian filter admitted in Foxmail is a little awkward


  • Foxmail grapples more than one (multiple) POP, Yahoo! and Hotmail Mail accounts for multiple users.
  • Foxmail allows you also to deal with POP accounts remotely by making a preview and erasing email at the host.
  • Back up for HTML contents allows you look at and compile rich contents in Foxmail.
  • Foxmail offers up numerous letter papers and allows you produce flexible customized templates by applying macros.
  • A remote mailbox part allows you preview and erase email straight from the host.
  • Foxmail offers up compromising email dribbles and tags to form contents.
  • Both convention-founded and adaptive Bayesian junk e-mail dribbles can mechanically spot junk email.
  • Foxmail backs up S/MIME content encoding and digital signatures.
  • Foxmail backups Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP.

Brush up

Foxes are stated to be especially smart, and Foxmail holds up to that icon. This decent electronic mail client has several more to offer than the 1st feeling might evoke, and Foxmail blends the amusing and the useful in an avid mode.

Consider Foxmail's letter paper, for instance, which can accompany colorful HTML arranging but besides answers as elastic content guides for duplicate contents. Additional eminent Foxmail characteristics admit a remote mailbox tool, powerful dribbles and simple, but efficacious content marks, Hotmail approach and back up for multiple users.

Both rule-based and Bayesian junk e-mail dribbles are at that place to aim the trash out of electronic mail. Unluckily, preparing the adaptive dribble, all important for eminent efficiency, is a little awkward.

It's as well a shame that Foxmail does not back IMAP accounts, and Foxmail's content editor could use a bit additional force. Altogether, Foxmail is cogent, but comfortable to consume and amusing, although.

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