wikmail email client

WikMail is a multi-dimensional email tool that consists on various features such as, checking of mail, postcards, a specific tool to create stationary and a fun email client. Unluckily, there exist a drawback that plain text may trouble a bit and on the other hand rudimentary support of IMAP in WikMail.


  1. WikMail has capability to support several features like rich editing, stationary, greeting cards.
  2. In the WikMail, spam filter get rids of junk mail.
  3. Sleek new mail announcements as well as management of remote mail offers by WikMail.


  1. In a rudimentary trend only WikMail supports IMAP.
  2. It is to be noted that plain text editing is not strong in WikMail.


  1. WikMail is such sort of an email client as well as mail checker who has capability to interact with the accounts of POP, IMAP and webmail.
  2. As WikMail has several features, therefore, greeting cards, voice messages, stationary and graphical signatures are also the part of WikMail.
  3. In the context of your creations WikMail’s stationary editor makes it easy.
  4. Through the medium of mailbox tools one may able to delete as well as browse messages right at the server.
  5. For the purpose of scanning keywords and URLs, WikMail includes spam filtering.
  6. In the WikMail, one can easily avail the backup of data as WikMail keeps mail in a database for the purpose of speed and scalability.
  7. P2P chat, messenger and ICQ plug-ins additionally offered by the WikMail.
  8. WikMail can support to the various windows like windows XP/9X/2003/2000/NT etc.


It is beyond any doubt that WikMail can work as an authentic mail checker. There is another fact is that one may also able to utilize it as a complete email client. It must be kept in the view that the remote mailbox tools provide the efficient assistance for the purpose of scan and delete mail right at the server. WikMail is also utilizing for the purpose of graphical signatures, smileys and to compose colorful emails boasting. In spite the skinnable interface of WikMail, it will be an efficiently tool for approach of database-centered and no doubt that WikMail is a rapid tool.

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