Mail Commander

Mail Commander

Mail Commander is an email client as well as email tool with templates, mail merging and incoming mail processing but it is not very good in both these disciplines.


There are mail merging and templates available in Mail Commander. The incoming mail processing is flexible and it has auto reply function. It supports for HTML formatting.


There is no scripting in Mail Commander and it provides support only for POP accounts. There is need of polishing in its cluttered interface.


It is a POP email client and it has bulk email capabilities. The sort mails can be filtered and there is automate mailing list management as well for subscription, un-subscription and auto replies. There is multi field address book included in Mail Commander which has mail merging capabilities. The data from DBF files can be imported and exported very easily. It provides support for HTML messages and plain text. There is WYSIWYG HTML message editor available in Mail Commander. There are simple content based spam filters available in this program. It provides support for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP.


Mail Commander can be used as email client as well as bulk email tool at the same time. The interface of this program is bit cluttered if you plan to use this program as standard email program. It has less problems when used for bulk email tool. It has mail merging and powerful message editor. Mail Commander has become a viable tool for sending personalized messages with its extensive address book. There is no scripting in Mail Commander, address validation and conditional text in Mail Commander and you can also not write back to address book. There is no internal SMTP sending engine but it can be very good for smaller projects.