Scientific Letter

Scientific Letter

Scientific letter email client is a novel email program that lets you write receive and send emails including complicated type of equations naturally and comprehensively. It must be kept in the view that there is a need of development as well as polishing in the email skills and formula editing of scientific letter.


  1. Through the scientific letter one can easily write formulae and equations.
  2. Equations are located in LaTeX notation, and for recipients not utilizing scientific letter.
  3. The utilization of scientific letter is effective in shielded environment as scientific letter has mail controlling bugs and deficiencies.
  4. There is a wider selection of symbols available in scientific letter.
  5. There is some annoying quirks in the interface of scientific letter and still requires polishing description.
  6. Access towards a POP email account is possible through scientific letter.
  7. The capabilities of scientific letter such as integrated equation editing, enable the user to enter mathematical formulae in emails easily.
  8. Through handy keyboard shortcuts in scientific letter, there is an availability of greek letters and mathematical symbols.
  9. There is graphically displays of equations in scientific letter. Moreover LaTeX notation is added for other users.
  10. It is to be noted that Windows 2000/xp/2003/NT are supported by scientific letter.


Scientific letter has the capabilities of solve the several complications elegantly. Furthermore, one may enable to type most symbols of mathematics and notations through scientific letter. Although scientific letter has such sort of interface relies which consist on text shortcuts, and may provide help to type speedily and cleanly but some quirks are also exist.

Usually, it is not visualize in what way one should go towards entering a difficult or dry construct, and the requirement for almost equally confused sets of shift, Alt, Control. Moreover, there is a potential in some letters to frustrate. In the context of logic operators there is some lack of symbols in the scientific letter.

With the help of all above discussion, it is easy to conclude that as an email client, scientific letter may be a failure. It may reveal problems sending as well as receiving mail and lacks towards mail controlling abilities. But its utilization for the scientific email only, it is beyond any doubt that scientific letter can be of an authentic use.

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