NUMail makes up a crafty electronic mail client with substantial accompaniment for more than one accounts and cogent filters


GNUMail email client

GNUMail makes up a crafty electronic mail client with substantial accompaniment for more than one (multiple) accounts and cogent filters. Unluckily, does not stand hypertext markup language (HTML), and it could find email a tad quicker or offer up smart folders.


  • is a all-round electronic mail platform
  • Backing for GnuPG content encoding and the sole usage of plain text offer protection
  • coordinates threads substantially


  • does not endorse hypertext markup language
  • You can't frame-up smart folders in, and complete content search could be more flying
  • has no internal spam filters


  • allows you approach more than one (multiple) POP and IMAP accounts too as general emailboxes.
  • comes up with a full boasted address book or capitalizes on the Macintosh operating system X address book.
  • Mighty filters and the choice to treat email with an external computer program (as if SpamAssassin).
  • A hook up (plug-in) allows you to exercise GnuPGP content encoding and signing from inside
  • Conciliatory content searches (letting in regular aspects).
  • accompaniments International languages and Unicode, re-enfolds outgoing contents decently.
  • Applying thread arcs, makes up relationships between contents in a really crisp and supportive manner.
  • accompaniments Linux/BSD, Unix, Mac OS X, and MS Windows.

Brush up

The grace of NeXT is just about disregarded, but you are able to clog taste of it on (also Mac operating system X Mail, which at one time, on NeXT, lived, naturally). is a crafty and bright electronic mail client with bunches of cogent characteristics. Most notably, it goes with extended dribbling and may pipe email through with external dribbles (like SpamAssassin), as well. covers more than one (multiple) POP, IMAP or general mailboxes graciously and you are able to raise it with dependable messaging applying GnuPG (no S/MIME, although).

It's a commiseration that misses support for hypertext markup language (HTML), and the apparent text editor isn't too muscular either, but as the most portions it yet does the correct affair.

Firm accompaniment for International speeches is another of's additions, and whenever you discourse in threads you'll appraise's presentation of arcs presenting the associations between contents.

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