Free Email Software - Best Free Email Programs

Free Email Software - Best Free Email Programs


Thunderbird is a powerful email program untended to help Internet users better manage their inbox. Thunderbird offers a great number of handy ways of displaying, managing and organizing and your folders. The folders can be displayed by recently viewed, favorites, or folders with unread messages. Besides, it allows you to tag messages with marks such as “Done” or “To Do” as well as create your own tags that are specific to your needs. Thunderbird works on Windows 95 and higher and XP, on Mac OS X, OS/2,  Linux, and Solaris.

Mulberry is an email, calendar and contact client that supports various Internet standard protocols. Currently Mac OS X and Linux code bases are available, Win32 will follow soon. Mulberry is now Open Source, distributed under an Apache 2 style license.

Windows Mail is a great protection against phishing attacks, viruses and junk mail. New features will help in searching and managing your messages.

Eudora is an email program that uses the POP as well as IMAP protocols. This email application runs on both the Mac and PC. A freeware package, Eudora Light, is also available. It allows to easily import mail, addresses and attachments from Outlook to Eudora, making switching to Eudora easier than ever. Eudora does not allow anything to run from the email messages, stopping trojans and viruses. Eudora warns users about potentially dangerous content in emails.

Alpine is an easy in usage email client, is great for the inexperienced users. Developed at the University of Washington, this email client is based on the Pine Message System.

Pegasus is a free electronic mail client for use by single/multiple users on personal computer or on local network. It is extremely powerful and feature-rich. Small and fast, Pegasus Mail can be left running permanently on the workstation and includes powerful tools to notify the user when new mail arrives. It protects PC from Trojans and HTML-borne viruses. Also it intercepts web bugs and protects your privacy.

iScribe is a lightweight email client featuring calendar and integrated contact database. iScribe uses international standards and supports major Internet protocols. Besides, it can be used from a portable drive.

IncrediMail is perhaps the most funny and colorful email clients of all. It allows to add animated notifiers, beautiful backgrounds, tons of fun emoticons, funny animated characters, and cool sounds.

Sylpheed is an email client with great usability. It features powerful search functions, quick search, easy-to-understand configuration. Sylpheed allows to automatically filter junk mail.

DreamMail is an email client software intended to manage multi-user and multi email accounts. DreamMail supports POP 3, SMTP, eSMTP, Yahoo and Hotmail.